cassandra (nurseroseweasel) wrote,

Please come!

Announcing the 4th annual


featuring your favorite dancers including Amara, Anaheed, Cassandra, Djahari, Elayssa, and Tatianna

September 4-7 at 8pm

Secret Rose Theatre
11246 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Tickets: $25
Reservations: (818)906-1947
check out the website!

I would love to see you all there!
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WOW! Post-y goodness!!!

and bellydance, too!

*marks calendar*
* ... and posts on the Bulletin Board at work*
Ok. Cassandra. Is this you or Joe in that picture?

<3 John
Oh and before I forget:

That theatre is at the end of our block.
I wish we could, but we'll be in the final week of Hawaii preparations and really can't afford it. We did love the one show we did get to see and wish you all the best during this performance as well.
We need to build a water-slide from here to LA so's these things can be attended as regularly as they deserve.
Or maybe a wormhole. All the worms I've talked to just wiggle at me funny when I mention this idea, though.

Have fun!
my god that is a great idea! water slides to and from major cites! elevators to the top so no tried legs. bags for street duds. it would be the best public transport the world ever saw!
ty! Makes for monster wedgies, though
I've see nthe last two- why would I miss this one? (PLEASE tell me the theater has air conditioning! Even if you have to lie to me to do it- it will get me there, and that is what is important...) :)