cassandra (nurseroseweasel) wrote,


Does anyone know Quark? We need to make a few changes and add in ads to last years Musee program - very basic for someone who knows Quark.
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I do. I use it at work.

What kind of help do you guys need?
Found you browsing cosette77's journal. I already volunteered to help with set stuff through Whitney and figured I'd help here, too, since I'm a graphic designer and I regularly use Quark and InDesign for doing brochures and ads.

I have InDesign here at work, but they're fairly cross compatible programs and I can help talk you through it or make the changes if you send the files to me :)
that would be wonderful! basically, we need someone to actually do it, and i believe by the end of the week. i think i left you a message this morning, so if you just want to give me a call we can discuss this more. thanks so much!