cassandra (nurseroseweasel) wrote,

This Failing, Cry for Help

Howdy all! So i know i've asked for help in the past, but this is really it. Meaning, the show opens on the 6th, but in the next 7 days we need to build sets. Lots of them. And if you would like to help at all, even for an hour, even for a half hour, anytime between now and next Tuesday, that would be wonderful!!! We need big strong construction help, and more help painting sets than you could possibly wrap your brain around, and we need people with trucks who can move things, and 12 ft. high A frame ladders that can get paint on them, and latex paint sprayers, any kind of painting supplies, wood, and even people who could come to the workspace in Pasadena to deliver food and moral support. You can email me at or you can call me (i don't want to list the number, but if you don't already have it, email me or call someone who would :) ). Thank you all so very much!!!!!
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